About the sickness and healing

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Today I am talking about our Health.

How a man get sick?

I was looking about myself. How I get sick? Then healed by taking medicine. Yes this is what we when we get sick, but have you ever investigate yourself why you get sick. These are the reason people get sick.

  1. When you do sins, means when you blame other person, when some one get upset, or get angry, or become sad due to you, when you hate other people then you get sick. Yes, this is the truth.

  2. When you don't listen the word of God. Means don't trust or believe in God, that is Jesus. When you don't obey the word of God.

What we have to do for these. Forgive every person who are your enemy. Pray for them to only Jesus our Lord God. Yes forgive them and you sins will be forgiven and you will be healed.

Have a look in Matt 9:2
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John 5:14
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  1. When demon spirit posses in your body, you get sick. Have a look in the Bible.
    Mark 9:21-27
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Have a look this video from YouTube.
Healing School

Thank you to all my beloved Brothers who are in the love of Jesus Christ.