I don't believe in God

in #christianity4 years ago
I've got no good reason to believe and I don't know why believing something on bad evidence endows anyone with moral values.

My ethics and moral values do not need to be inspired by some invisible divine dictator in the sky. Lacking belief does not equal lacking the know how on how to live an ethical and moral life.

If after I die I am proven mistaken, and there indeed is a god. I will simply explain that I've tried to live a decent life to the best of my ability and that if he somehow needed me to believe in him during that life, he could've made that abundantly clear by simply proving he exists. Something he could easily and unambiguously do in multiple ways instead of relying on some ancient texts that can be interpreted in multiple ways (hence the many schisms between all the different Abrahamic religions).

The bible is silly. Religion is silly. Believing on bad evidence is silly.
If not dangerous, at the very minimum these concepts are silly.

You may disagree, and I grant you that right of course.

I just wish to implore you, be not be afraid to doubt. It does not make you less of a person to question what has been given as undeniable fact in some divine edicts.

I wish you well,


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