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RE: The Occult Connections to the United Nations - Part 4

in #christianity4 years ago

I’m overwhelmed, but grateful for this thorough study. My research agrees with your research, but you have added immensely to my understanding. UNESCO’s Global Education First Initiative Priority #3 is to foster global citizenship. It talks about schools being ideal for giving citizens the values they need to live in a sustainable world. When I read the UN’s Agenda 2030 Plan for Sustainable Development, I can easily see that it is fundamentally anti-Christian. Anti-nationalism is very much a tactic used by the UN to force globalization, moral chaos, and to fool people into believing a new world order is needed. Blessed are those who read and understand the book of Revelation.


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Yeah, it's a lot to chew on. The Devil's been busy, patiently planning his moves.

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