Psalm 119:89 "For ever, O Lord, thy word is settled in heaven."

God said it, that settles it!

Psalm 119:89 

"For ever, O Lord, thy word is settled in heaven." 

Thank you Lord!

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Blessings from PilgrimTraveler!

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As pleased to share this heavenly video with you my friend....:-

May it be instilled in our hearts also.

Beautifully said, amen.

Made my day, great post @pilgrimtraveler

Thank you so much, blessings @vetvso

thanks for this remind.

My honor, blessings!

Amazing capture!

Thank you kindly, blessings!

I love your daily post @pilgrimtraveler ! It gives peace and happiness, daily food for my soul! May God bless you always! Thank you!

So beautiful. I love your caption

This is a very lovely post ... God bless you

wow am amazed by the photo you have captured. It somehow looked like long expo ! great job!

Man is made in God's image. But let's not exercise our God-given freedom. Let's be obedient. Like dogs. Morality is not found in obedience. Morality can only be found in freedom. For only in freedom is responsibility.

Freedom is bought by the shed blood of Jesus, only through him are we truly free.

For His words to work for us, we must have it at heart, and meditate on it.


Yes Lord Hallelujah Praise His Holy Name!

It is settled, thank you beloved Lord!!

Amen, thank you Lord!


beautifully said....whenever I am alone on the beach at the birth of a new day... I think that the beauty in the heavens as a new day is bor is is my life... a scene from time immoral, and a time to reflect on my dear loved ones who have passed and my wife who died so young...I stand alone and prayer....and sometimes the tears roll down my cheeks, ...but there is only me to see it...the glory of heaven....I have videowed hundreds of glorious sunrises and sunsets here are two for you my friend.....and if it brings you peace and happiness, that is all I ask.....peace be with you

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Thank you :)

This is great work. Really enjoyed the post.

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Great photo, and it matches the quote :)

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Thank you :)

Your word oh Lord is also settled in my life. Amen.

¡wow! es tan grande la palabra de Dios que se encuentra en el cielo, donde ningún mortal puede llegar por sus propios medios.

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