There's nothing impossible for God

in #christianitylast year

I invite you to reflect and think about what kind of person you are. Of those that limit God or those that create God.

Then Jesus, looking at them, said: It is impossible for men, but not for God; because all things are possible for God.

Mark 10:27

Who has measured the ocean with the palm of the hand, or calculated with the fingers the extent of the sky?
Who has put in a measure all the dust of the earth, or has weighed on the hills and mountains?
Who has corrected the Lord or who has instructed him?
Who gave you advice and understanding?
Who taught you to judge fairly?
Who instructed you in science?
Who gave you wisdom lessons?

To him nations are like a drop of water, like a grain of dust on the scales; the countries of the sea are worth what a grain of sand is.
In all of Lebanon there are not enough animals to offer him a burnt offering, nor enough wood for the fire; all nations are nothing in his presence; they have absolutely no value to him.

Who are you going to compare God with?
With what image will they represent it?

A sculptor melts a statue, and a jeweler covers it with gold and makes silver chains for him. The man who makes a statue chooses wood that does not rot, and looks for a skillful craftsman to affirm it, so that it does not fall.

Didn't you know?
Hadn't they heard him say it?
Didn't they tell you from the beginning?
Have you not understood it since the creation of the world?

God has his throne on the vault that covers the earth, and he sees men as grasshoppers.
He stretches out the sky like an awning, unfolds it like a tent. He turns the great men into nothing and makes the heads of the earth disappear. They are like tender plants, newly planted,
They have scarcely taken root in the earth. If God blows on them, they wilt, and the hurricane carries them away like straw.

The Holy God asks:
Who are you going to compare me with?
Who can be equal to me?
Raise your eyes to heaven and look:
Who created all that?

He who distributes them one by one and calls them all by name. So great is his power and strength that none of them is missing. Israel, people of Jacob, why are you complaining? Why do you say: "The Lord is not aware of my situation; God is not interested in me"?
Don't you know? Didn't you hear it?

The Lord, the eternal God, the creator of the entire world, does not tire or tire, his intelligence is infinite.

He gives strength to the weary, and to the weak increases his vigor. Even the young can tire and tire, even the strongest fall, but those who trust in the Lord will always have new strength and will be able to fly like eagles; without getting tired and walking without getting tired.
Isaiah 40. 12-33