You have to call your helper to come

And he goeth up into a mountain, and calleth unto him whom he would: and they
came unto him.

Mark 3:13

According to our text, Jesus goes up a mountain to pray. I believe even though most of us
don't have a physical mountain to climb;we have to climb the mountain of sleep in order to
get to the place of prayer.When Jesus got to the mountain, the bible says that He called
forth his disciples and they came to him, including Judas.It is important to note that Jesus
did not only pray but called what we wanted or needed to himself and he saw what he
called.People in general pray but they don't do the second thing that Jesus did, which was
to call.The same way Jesus called to himself his disciples or his helpers, we also need to
develop the habit of calling the things we have prayed about to come to us


That is why he told us that where two or more are in his name there, he is also.
Then, to a certain extent, he tells us.

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