You can not limit God


Bible Verse: Acts. 7:36
He brought them out, after that he had shewed wonders and signs in the land of Egypt,
and in the Red sea,and in the wilderness forty years


Whilst Stephen was making a defense before the council, he recounted Moses' experience on
how the Lord brought the Israelites out of Egypt.The Israelites were in bondage for over 400 years but God used Moses to bring them out, this means that no matter how long you have been in a situation, God can and will bring you out in Jesus name. Has the situation you are
currently going through been prolonged to the extent that you believe all hope to come out has
eluded you? I declare that God shall bring you out in Jesus name. Do you think you are at the
age past your prime and all hope for you to get married and have children has eluded you? I
declare that God shall bring you out of that single status and barrenness in Jesus name. We
serve a God who is in the business of making the impossible possible, just like in the case of
Sarah who gave birth supernaturally in her old age.Our God has not run out of miracles! He is
the all-sufficient God with whom all things are possible.Do you have a prolonged sickness that
has crippled your life to a halt and there seems to be no medical solution in sight? God will bring you out today in Jesus name.Apart from bringing the Israelites out of the bondage in Egypt, our text states that after that God showed them signs in the Land of Egypt, Red sea and the
wilderness.This means that apart from bringing you out of your situation, you shall be a carrier
of God's signs and wonders. I declare, your children, job and business shall be carriers of
God's signs and wonders in Jesus name. I believe one of the reasons why the bible makes
reference to land, sea and wilderness is to make us know that God cannot be limited by the
environment we find ourselves. Have you in recent times considered relocating from your
country in your quest for greener pastures because of the present economic hardship? The
same way God showed the Israelites signs and wonders in the land, sea and wilderness, God
will show you signs and wonders in your present environment to reverse your economic
situation in Jesus name. Are you experiencing a downturn in your business as a result of the
economic recession? God will exempt you by showing you signs and wonders on your job and
business for men to see that you serve a living God.This means you shall be exempt from job
cuts, and if you are a business owner you shall be exempt from recession in Jesus name


Father, bring me out of this prolonged sickness that has crippled my life in Jesus name. I
declare I am healed in Jesus name. I stand on the finished work of the Cross of Calvary, where
YOU brought me out of every bondage; I declare I am free from every bondage in my life in
Jesus name. Father, I ask that YOU show me YOUR signs and wonders on my job and
business, exempting me from recession and economic meltdown in Jesus name. I declare
that no matter where I find myself, I will be a carrier of God's signs and wonders in Jesus name.


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