They shall fail


And the Pharisees went forth,
and straightway took counsel
with the Herodians against him,
how they might destroy him.
Mark 3: 6.


According to our text, after Jesus silenced his critics and healed the man who had a withered hand, they began to plan how they might destroy him. The fact that the plan to destroy him was recorded, evidences that their plan was known and they failed. John 7:30 states that they sought to take him but they could not because his time was not yet come. This means if we walk with God in accordance to HIS ways and will, evil will not be able to come by our dwelling place. As Christians, we must be aware that Satan is constantly looking for opening or ways to access our lives in order that he may kill, steal and destroy. He does this through temptation which comes in various forms. We must as Christians maintain our guard through the study of God's word, prayer and fasting. This text reveals that there was a plan to alienate Jesus but their plans continued to fail until the time appointed by God for Him to go to the cross. This text confirms the scripture which states that no weapon of the devil fashioned against us shall prosper. It is therefore important to note that we can only enjoy the full benefits of this scripture when we live our lives in compliance to His will. So, when bad things happen to us we
are fully assured that it is only because God has allowed it.


I declare, anybody planning my downfall shall fail in Jesus Name. Father, I ask that you expose every evil plot that is being planned against me on my job, in my ministry, in my family in Jesus Name. I declare that all my enemies' plans that are being plotted against me will come to naught in Jesus Name


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