A Personal prayer guide (Joy will return)

For unclean spirits, crying with loud voice, came out of many that were possessed
with them: and many taken with palsies, and that were lame, were healed. And there
was great joy in that city.
Acts. 8:7-8


After the unclean spirits were cast out from the people of Samaria and those who had been
infirmed, there was great joy in the city. Are you going through a situation that has thrown
your life into a state of sadness? I declare great joy will return to your life in Jesus name.This
means that God will bring someone your way, just as HE sent Phillip to Samaria, who will
assist you in that specific area of your life that is causing you pain, so that joy returns to your
life in Jesus name. It is important to point out that the people of Samaria were not expecting
Phillip, so they never imagined any good thing could happen, which means that the miracles
happened to them unexpectedly. In this season, an unexpected miracle will happen for you in
Jesus name. It is also important to point out as stated in prayer 10, that it was on the account
of the persecution of the church that Phillip was forced to leave Jerusalem to go to Samaria.
Are you at a point where you have resigned yourself to hopelessness because you don't see
a way out of the deep and dark pit of despair you are currently experiencing in your life? I
believe God is working behind the scenes, orchestrating a situation that will force your
destiny helpers to relocate from their present position that HE may direct their path your way.
Are you a mature single who has given up on the possibility of getting married? Fret not, God
is already orchestrating an unexpected situation that will force someone who will bring great
joy into your life your way. Is the economic meltdown affecting you to the point that you have
lost your job and are at a place of distress? God will send a destiny helper your way in order
that great joy may return to your life in Jesus name. Are you an entrepreneur and you are
at a point where your contracts are being cancelled, resulting in a financial crisis because your liability far outweighs your assets? I declare God will send
someone to you who will help you to the point that God will bring great joy into your life in Jesus name. Our text categorizes the joy as GREAT; this means that God is not only going to bring joy into your life, but GREAT JOY in Jesus name.


Father I ask that YOU orchestrate a situation in the life of my
destiny helpers that directs their path my way in Jesus name. I
ask that GREAT JOY will return to my marriage in Jesus name.
Father, I ask that YOU send my destiny helper my way to help me
come out of my present financial crisis in Jesus name


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