Your news shall travel

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Bible Verse: Acts. 8:13-14

Then Simon himself believed also:
and when he was baptized, he
continued with Philip, and
wondered, beholding the miracles
and signs which were done. Now
when the apostles which were at
Jerusalem heard that Samaria had
received the word of God, they
sent unto them Peter and John:


As Phillip performed miracles in Samaria, the news of salvation of souls and miracles
performed travelled beyond Samaria to Jerusalem. On the account of this news, the apostles
sent Peter and John who were the leaders of the church in order to help Phillip and possibly to
lend their spiritual support barring any spiritual reprisal. It is important to point out that the only
possible means of transmitting information in the times of this text was through runners who
would carry information from city to city, or through people travelling from city to city. In this
case, I believe one of the ways by which the news travelled was through the direct
beneficiaries of the miracles that were happening in Samaria. This is a reflection of the
awesome power which was displayed through Phillip in Samaria. People generally don't
report or talk about what they consider ordinary or a usual occurrence. Only an uncommon or
unusual incidence is termed news. This means that the miracles performed by Phillip were
uncommon and out of the ordinary. It is important to note that God's power is not limited by
location or circumstance, which is why regardless of the fact that Simon had used sorcery to
control the entire city, he could not stop God's power from manifesting. This therefore means
that no matter where you find yourself, God's power can manifest; whether it's on your job,
business, marriage or children and regardless of any situation, global economic meltdown and
recession. As those around you become beneficiaries of this uncommon occurrence by the
display of God's power on your job or business, they will become the vehicle by which your
news will travel until it becomes breaking news in Jesus name. I declare your business, job,
marriage and children shall become breaking news in Jesus name.


Father, I ask that YOU release YOUR power on my job, business, marriage and children to the
point that everyone around shall become beneficiaries in Jesus name. Father I ask that by
YOUR power my job, business, marriage and children shall become breaking news in Jesus name.


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