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**Text: **Phil. 2:8, 1sam. 15:22
Aim:To awaken the minds of Christian unto the example of obedience show by Christ our role model.


The word obedience means compliance to the plan, conformity to the pattern, observance of the rules, adherence to the standard, and submission to another's will. Obedient is the bottom line in the Christian life. Isaiah: 1:19.
Basic to every decision we make is the necessity of knowing what scripture says about the issues, what action God wants, what attitude would please him, and what steps are required. Jesus Christ obeyed even when it goes along with suffering and death. Luke: 22:24, Phil: 2:8. Commitment like Christ's requires knowledge of scripture. Matt: 4:1-10. Obedient action, determination, and a willingness to suffer any consequences that derives from compliance


  1. Differentiate between decline obedience, partial obedience and total obedience
  2. We must know what his instructions are, before compliance and understanding can be possible .Discuss Hosea: 4:6
  3. The Holy Spirit assists us in relating God's commands to our situation and helps us in determine the wisest course of action. Example, Isaiah: 30:21,2Cor: 12:9-10.Discuss


Whenever you are tempted to disobey the lord, your faithfulness and devotion to Christ are at stake. Ask yourself, is my understanding of scripture increasing? Am I able to hold to God s plan without compromise? How committed am I to obeying him?
Disobedience is as brutal as die sun of witchcraft, for it denotes conspiracy.
MEMORY VERSE: Isaiah :l:19.


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