Christian Series #02: The Gifts-Dignity, Freedom, and Conscience

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The Lord of the earth created man, and in his own image he made him. Limited day of life he gives him and makes him return to earth again. He endows man with strength of his own, and with power over all things on earth. He puts the fear of him in all flesh, and gives him rule over beasts and birds. He forms men's tongues and eyes and ears, and imparts to them and understanding heart. With wisdom and knowledge he fills them; good and evil he shows them. He has set before them knowledge, a law of life as there inheritance; An everlasting covenant he has made with them. All their actions are clear as the sun to him, his eyes are ever upon their ways. Sirach 17:1-15
The Gift of Dignity Blessed are we for we are gifted with dignity. Every person possess dignity, that is one gift God has bestowed upon us. Each one of us is a manifestation of Gods goodness. We are able to love because God created us out of his love. Dignified among other creatures. Person by person, human by human we may have differences but he treated us equally because he is just. Dignity builds what is in us which means our value is not measured by wealth, prestige and power. Its about our intellect and free will. We are all human person who is free to become the best of ourselves.The best gift that God give us is our life, to respect the gift of life means to uphold and protect our human dignity. It should be manifested by positive self-love. This will promote a healthy self-esteem that will help us attain our self worth. Self-worth to develop our talents, become creative and fruitful. Knowing our worth allow us to acquire a good self-knowledge and self-acceptance that will reach out to others in friendship and other relationships. Let us share our giftedness to others rather than material things or accomplishments. The key of achieving dignity is to respect and honor our own selves, then we can respect and honor others.
We need to protect our own dignity and the dignity of others. Our human dignity must not be violated.
Oftentimes, we violate our human dignity by being cruel with ourselves. Its disappointing to see people put themselves down. Nowadays, the value of human dignity has become so cheap. We hear from the news that a person takes another person's life. We have violated our human dignity because we misuse and abuse the freedom that God gave us as gift
What is freedom? Is freedom the power or right to do anything that he/she wishes. To be wealthy at the expense of other people. To be happy while others are drown to sadness. This is not authentic freedom. Authentic freedom is something we share with others, our community. True freedom will set you free. To give value to freedom we must be set free from anything that opposes our true selves-naturally good. Authentic freedom cannot be achieve if we do not defy our greatest obstacle-sin. We need to be liberated from the slavery of sin. Freedom should geared towards self-actualization.
How can we liberate ourselves from sin? Allow conscience to rule, allow what is good to prevail over evil. Our consciences are our inner voice. As we grow we continually grow our inner conscience through perrenial institutions that teach us what is morally good. As Christians we gradually grow our faith in God. Hold on to faith as Christians and have a good conscience.
This gifts are Gods manifestation of great LOVE. Let us all give thanks and praise to the Lord! 

Sincerely, @nickjon

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It's heartwarming to see lots of steemers studying the Good Word. It's a reminder that we should always focus our thoughts to God.

@nickjon conscience is rare these days yet essential In life

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