More Proof Of How Toronto Has Become A Welcoming Home To So Many Different Cultures

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I saw this schedule at a church in northern Toronto. It was impressive how many different languages the church caters to.

The fact that there are local priests or ministers who can speak these different languages is interesting. Thanks fact that in a single neighbourhood there are enough speakers of all of these languages is even more interesting.

What is great about Toronto is that you are surrounded by such a variety of cultures that you quickly make friends and realize how similar we all are in so many ways.

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I havent lived in Toronto for many years now but I remember it was very culturally diverse when I lived there. I really value my experience of living there. I feel like I learned a lot about other cultures

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Well, it is true it is very multi-ethnical city....Very interesting Where exactly in North Toronto? I am living not far North York Centre. If you do not mind you do not live anymore in Toronto, don't you?

I live about an hour east of Toronto. The photo was taken in a place known as Etobicoke. That is west of where you are.

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Ok does your username is the same of the location you are living? I just see on the map of Toronto. Maybe I am wrong.

I live in Newcastle. It is an hour easy of Toronto. I work in Toronto for my job.

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If you like we can organize a meetup you would be the first stemmian. Of course when we are avaliable

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Good idea. Try to get a meetup going. I don’t know if I can go but I support the idea.

where it is more comfortable I guess the downtown would be probably one suitable or around any subway stops eastbound towards Kennedy or unless you have any other idea. About when I think the weekend would be the best, well keep in touch on discord!!!