You are going to be carried up

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And when he was cast out, Pharaoh's daughter
took him up,and nourished him for her own son.



Whilst Stephen made his defence before the council, he referred to the life of Moses when he
was cast into the river and how Pharaoh's daughter seeing him in the basket, took him UP. It is
important to highlight the fact that our text states “Pharaoh's daughter took him up”. By inference, it means that there are levels we cannot get to in life unless someone carries us UP
or creates the opportunity for us. With specific reference to the context of our text, this was the
only way Moses could have been able to gain access to the palace. We can therefore refer to
Pharaoh's daughter as a door. A door, in this context, can be used metaphorically to represent
those who can grant us access to levels that would normally elude us. There are levels we desire to operate at, that will require us going through certain “doors”to be able to access them.This is generally applicable to almost everything we do in life and in a bid to be successful in our various careers'. Even though I believe GOD is the ULTIMATE access to every human being, He uses destiny helpers to assist us to achieve His purpose and mandate. Are there places in life that you desire to rise to in the pursuit of your career and purpose? As you pray, God will orchestrate a circumstance that will make you come in contact with your own 'Pharaoh's daughter' and he or she will take you up to the desired position in Jesus name. It is also important that we do not forget the circumstance that led to Moses being cast out. It was as a
result of a decree that was issued by Pharaoh to kill all male children within a certain age bracket. He had been informed by his soothsayers that a deliverer would be born in that period and since they did not know the exact time and the specific family into which he would be born,
Pharaoh decided to issue a decree that lumped children within a broad age range together in order not to miss his target. Is your boss currently persecuting you? Or are you experiencing discrimination at your work place? Fret not! God will use this situation to divinely orchestrate the pathway for you to meet your destiny helpers in Jesus name. As you come in contact with your destiny helper, your life will turn around completely in Jesus name. I declare that a promotion that you never imagined could happen for you will happen as God brings you in contact with your destiny helpers in Jesus name.


Father, I ask that in spite of my present predicament YOU align my steps with those of my
destiny helpers in Jesus name. Father, I ask that YOU order my steps to those whom YOU
have saddled with the responsibility to TAKE ME UP to the level that YOU have predetermined for me in Jesus name.


This sounds like the typical health and wealth gospel to me. There are no"destiny helpers". That's an unbiblical concept. God never promises us health, wealth, position, authority, or prosperity. Jesus told us to pick up our crosses and follow him.

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