The Love of Thy Kingdom

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Text: 1John 4:16, 1Cor 13:1-10
Aim: To let Christian know more about the nature of God (love)


God is Love and He that dwelled in love dwelled in God and God in him 1John 4:16. Love is a chief attribute of Jehovah. the length, breadth, height and depth of which are beyond comprehension, for they are infinite Eph 3:18-19. Among the three persons of God head (Trinity), Love is unutterable, full and perfect and blissful towards holy angels and Christians. God love is having an infinite fatherly complacency and affection toward sinner, it is immeasurable compassion. It is shown in all his works and ways and they are greatly displayed in the gospel. John 3: 16 make us to know that love is a nature of god with an evidence of sacrificing his only son Jesus Christ for the whole world.
Holy love in man would make the whole heart and soul supremely delight and obey God cordially and practically love all being accordingly in their character. Love helps us to fulfill and meet all the ends of the law Mat 22:37-40, Rom 13 8-10. Without it none can enter the heaven
Since God is love and he that loveth love God is fulfilling the law. Therefore, we are to practice faith we profess in mouth through our deed and
Without love, it is impossible to enter heaven


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