Jesus had friends who could correct him

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And the multitude cometh
together again, so that they could not so much as eat bread. And when his friends heard of it, they went out to lay hold on him: for they said,He is beside himself. Mark 3:20-21


A crowd gathered again together just to see Jesus to the point that he did not even
have time to eat. The text states that when his friends heard what was going on they
came to lay hold of him. A crucial lesson to take note of from this text is that just as
Jesus had friends who could speak to him, we also should have friends around us at
all times who can tell us the truth. I believe this is an important element if anyone is to
make progress in life. Most of us use the mirror either when we are getting dressed,
shaving, making up or driving. Whichever, the mirror is a very important part of our
lives and what it does is to give us clarity and feedback on how we look or how well we
have done on what we were trying to do. This is because we cannot see ourselves. It is
therefore safe to conclude that a friend is just like a mirror, they are supposed to give us independent feedback without us getting offended. A mirror will tell you how well you have shaved. A mirror will tell you if you are smartly dressed. Needless to say, you
need people around you


Jesus didn't ever need to be corrected. But yes, Jesus had close friends. Peter, James, and John were the inner circle. The other nine were the outer circle. Luke mentions 72 other disciples that Jesus sent out.

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