Your destiny Helper will not withhold your blessing

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And when he was cast out, Pharaoh's daughter took him up, and nourished him for her own son. Acts 7:21


After pharaoh's daughter took Moses into the Palace, the bible states that she nourished him for her own son, this means that it is not enough for our destiny helpers to take us up, but they have to release everything they have been apportioned by God
to give to us. this is quite important because many of us can get carried away when we get into “the palace” or our new position, not realizing that we are still a work-in￾progress, and we end up short changing ourselves by believing we no longer need our destiny helpers. Thus, when we experience a sudden rise in life whether financially or in a new position, we must remain focused and connected to God so that we can secure all that He has in store for us. Apart from getting carried away, we must make every effort not to slip into pride when we do experience a new financial status we never dreamt we could ever attain.
As a child, Moses needed several years of nourishment in order to grow up into maturity. Just as Moses still needed pharaoh's daughter until he came to a place of maturity, we need to behave ourselves wisely when we come to a whole new level in life, especially as it pertains to those who have helped us. It is also Important to point out that the bible states that pharaoh's daughter nourished him for her own son. This means that she kept nothing back from Moses, and all she would have done for her own son, she did for him. On the other hand, however, there is the possibility that she could have nourished him differently from the way she would have nourished her son.
We therefore need to ask God for the favour that will continue to make destiny helpers release everything God has apportioned to be done for us in Jesus name.


Father, I ask for the grace to remain connected to YOU regardless of the status I attain as a result of the destiny helpers you have brought my way in Jesus name.
I declare no destiny helper will withhold anything YOU have apportioned them to do for me in Jesus Name.
I declare that I will not misbehave, but behave myself wisely in Jesus name. I terminate any program in my bloodline that can cause me to undermine my destiny helpers and thus prevent them from helping in Jesus name.


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