Salvation is not complete until will conform to his likeness

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Text Rom 6:1-14, Gen 1:26-27
Aim: To make it clear to Christians that salvation is not completed until Will conform to His Likeness


The original plan of God for man's creation was to make him (man) m His own image after His own likeness.
However, Gen. 1:27 reveal that man was created only in the image of God, without the account that man was at the moment in time created in God's likeness. Only His image. Compare verse 26. 27. It is therefore clear that the very moment God spoke the word we have recorded in Gen 1:26 the creation that follow was only the first part of that statement, while He know that a few thousand years later, the creation of man according to our likeness" would be the fulfilled until the crummy of the lord m human form to redeem fully the commanded promise of His initial covenant of creature. 2Cor 5:17, Eph2:24.


To retain and remain in the eternal plan of God (eternal life ) we must change from the old man into his newness (Christ-Like Life) to conform into His likeness Rom 6:4-6


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