God will make those around you wonder

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Bible Text:Acts. 8:9-13
But there was a certain man, called Simon, which beforetime in the same city used
sorcery, and bewitched the people of Samaria, giving out that himself was some great
one:To whom they all gave heed, from the least to the greatest, saying,This man is the
great power of God. And to him they had regard, because that of long time he had
bewitched them with sorceries. But when they believed Philip preaching the things
concerning the kingdom of God, and the name of Jesus Christ, they were baptized,
both men and women.Then Simon himself believed also: and when he was baptized,
he continued with Philip, and wondered, beholding the miracles and signs which were done


As Philip ministered and performed miracles in Samaria, he drew Simon's (the sorcerer)
attention.This must have happened because Phillip probably performed miracles beyond
Simon's capacity or what he had ever seen. This is why our text states that Simon
WONDERED beholding the miracles Phillip did. As defined in Prayer 11, a miracle is the
interruption of the natural by God's power. It cannot be limited only to the manifestation of
healing or deliverance, but can also manifest in our everyday lives: our businesses, jobs,
marriages and children. The manifestation of miracles in our everyday lives provides a
stage for the gospel of Christ to be preached. It also provides for a larger and wider
audience.This is especially true in the times we are living in where there has been a huge
deviation from the norm- from the weather systems and global economies to insurgencies
and wars. I believe that the answer to the many prevalent unanswered questions lies in
God, which invariably means through the church, trickling down to the family unit and
ultimately the individual.We must, as Christians live a life full of God's power and HIS word.
Are you at a point in your life where you have just been hired by an organization on account
of your performance in a previous job? Imagine that at this new organization there is a
particular individual who year in and year out has kept the management “spell bound” by
his or her record breaking performance. The tendency is to be intimidated by him or her;
however fret not! Even if the person's performance surpasses your previous
achievements, the same God who made you outperform your peers in your previous
organization will release HIS power and grace over you to deliver superior results that will
break every record which was set before your arrival to the WONDER of everyone in the
organization.How can those around us know that we are Christians or that God is with us if
we don't outperform our contemporaries by delivering superior value and results beyond
everyone's imagination? Have you recently started a business and everywhere you go to
make a sales pitch, you tend to hit a roadblock because of a dominant player providing the
same service, and you are at the point of giving up? Fret not! As you seek GOD, HE will
release HIS power over your business giving you an advantage so that the client will make
a switch to your company to the WONDER of your competitors, in Jesus name


Father, I ask that YOU release YOUR power over my life to make me deliver results that
supersede every record that was set before I joined the organization in Jesus Name. I
declare everyone around me will WONDER in Jesus name. I ask that YOU release YOUR
power upon my children to outperform their peers in school in every area in Jesus name.
Father, I ask that YOU release YOUR power over my business to deliver unprecedented
results that will not only bring me out of my pit of debt but also make me the leader in my
sector so that my competitors will WONDER in Jesus name.


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