Division Destroys

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And if a house be divided against itself,that house cannot stand. And if Satan rise
up against himself,and be divided,he cannot stand,but hath an end. Mark 3:25-26


In continuation of the principle of the kingdom, Jesus reveals in our text that division
(Double Vision) can destroy a kingdom. This means that a church or ministry must have
one vision, a business must have one vision. It is the vision that fuels the workforce to
perform at optimum levels. It is the vision that makes the entire organisation to move in
one direction, making it productive. It is vision that creates life in the organisation so that
it doesn't die. One of the tricks of the devil is to create another vision within an
organisation. Once this has been noticed it has to be nipped in the bud and anyone
guilty of creating another vision within an organisation must be exposed. If you do not
want your organisation to collapse, you cannot allow di-vision exist


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