Prayer for your day

in #christianity3 years ago

The Almighty God is your Anchor. I pray for you this morning, you will not loose your anchor in the storms of life. The raging storms in the nation will not consume you. The GOD that never fails will shield you. The Almighty God will arise and protect you from the billows of danger. HE will give you victory over all challenges, triumph over all obstacles, and glorification in the full glare of people who have mocked you. When people lament of a casting down, you will glorify God for a lifting up. Your needs shall be miraculously provided for. Your blessings shall be made manifest and you will bless the lives of many. Your life is safe in His shadow. You will reach a safe harbour in Jesus Mighty name. Good morning. Have a beautiful Saturday


You have a beautiful Saturday morning @iretiola. It's the evening in my part of the world (Papua New Guinea). I pray the same blessings in your life.

That's very presumptuous to you. You don't know that God will do those things.

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