Could this be yet another sign?

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It is no news of the new pandemic called Covid-19 virus (Corona Virus). Unlike the Flu, this has taken the whole World by surprise and most people are in a state of panicking. When you tell someone the World will one day come to an end and the signs of the end are recorded in the bible. You even talk about some of these signs and try to show them that we are living in the end. These are the times recorded and described in scriptures but people still refused to believe calling it stories.

Today, in a World that has rejected God and legalized all sorts of abominations is experiencing this medical setback. One question comes to mind. Could this be yet another sign or warning from the Lord to prepare for the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ? Most of the signs in the bible are playing right in front of our faces and now this. People laugh and scorn when you say the World will come to an end but these days, you look at what is happening, you can only envisage a possible end. Walking by the streets today, it was all shut down and the malls, grocery stores, bars etc were all shut down.

The whole place looked so empty and every day things keep getting worse. More cases reported here and there. Countries shutting their borders and schools shutting down etc. Life has basically halted in different areas and right now, humanity looks vulnerable. Even in this moment, many still refuse to turn to God in repentance but set their hopes on what the health organizations and the authorities tell them. I believe there is something more to this virus than just a medical condition.

Let him that have an ear hear and let him that has eyes see. Something is coming, the coming of Christ is drawing nigh and we must read the signs. We are living in the very end and Christ is coming for his Church. This is the last chance for humanity to turn to the God they have rejected and refused to acknowledge. Time is fast running out and this is the time to run to the light. His word says "come to me all who are heavy ladden and I will give you rest". This is the time of rest and this is a great opportunity to go into his rest. The solution to this whole thing is not locking yourself up, avoiding people, wearing masks, sanitizers etc. For in these things we might think there is safety but true safety is only in Christ.
Run to him now while you still can


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We're still in the pre-tribulation period. The birth pangs as described in Matthew 24 are getting closer and stronger. Besides the Covid 19 virus there's plagues of locusts in the billions. Possibly trillions.

But the end of all things has drawn near. Therefore be sober-minded and be sober unto prayers.(1 Peter 4:7)

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