Become a Strong Leader/Person

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Being strong in what you are doing is very important because you will find out that many things you need to do, you will not be able to do if you are not strong. Therefore you need to really decide to be a strong leader/person. The world is full of “unsolvable” problems. There are problems everywhere. As a leader/person, firstly leading yourself and maybe of a group needs to find solutions to problems. President Obama came along saying he was going to solve the problems of Washington. And I don’t know whether it is better or worse after eight years of his leadership. But one thing is that the world needs some kind of problem solvers and great leaders. For great leaders bring solutions to the big problems we encounter and almost all of us are depending on the leader to solve those problems. Great leaders of the past solved problems of their days: famine, slavery, problem of management of wealth, etc. Solomon solved the problem of finding a permanent place of worship for God’s people. Daniel solved the problems created by the dreams of Nebuchadnezzar and Nehemiah solved the problem of the broken temple and walls.
Now, the master key to solving problems as a leader is the key of wisdom and knowledge. It will amaze many people to notice that through wisdom, many of the “unsolvable” problems can be solved. Don’t think of money or resources as the key to solving problems. When I was young, I thought money is the solution to our problems. But as I am growing up, I am realizing that I didn’t understand much. I had to accept that what great leaders and those who are developed have is a new way of thinking. It is very hard to move forward in life without believe in the supremacy of wisdom. Wisdom is the ability to use what you know or how you think about things. Wisdom has in it knowledge, insight and understanding. You can’t do much without these. This steemit platform has been developed by the wisdom of some people and now it is solving financial problems. All that the developed countries have is a wise way of thinking and that is what makes them superior.
One thing you have to escape from is the jacket of the leadership of a child in order to become a strong leader. Your leadership levels are going to be upgraded highly when you carefully avoid the leadership style of children. The leadership of children is characterized by disorganization and confusion. Those of us who have little children can relate with this by going into their room. You will see how disorganized their rooms are. Again, children spoil things because they hardly know the value of things. When I was young, sim cards were very expensive but I took someone’s sim and chewed it. That is a child for you
I need you then to decide to be a strong leader/person for the world need people like you.


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