"I'm not dead yet..." (salute to all the Monty Python nerds!) or "Why hasn't he been around?"

in #christianity4 years ago

So hey all... I haven't fallen off a cliff or anything like that. I've just been head down in launching a whole bunch of stuff in real life with the coming of the season of Lent for my congregation. Between crafting some experiential, contemplative worship offerings and then also prepping to teach (or truth is barely "scratch the surface" of) Dietrich Bonhoeffer's work Life Together I've just been swamped. You are all in my prayers yet and I look forward to getting some new things up in the near future as well as getting back into the habit of actually interacting with you all, but truth is, I've just not had the time in the day.

So blessings to you and I'll catch you soon... and for those awaiting the next installment on The Theology of Steemit... it's coming I promise. I'm actually having a great time thinking about it all... now it's just about creating the time to get it onto the keyboard!




so you're undead?

Some days more than others... some days.

Its very easy and helpful <3

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