Is Facebook Trying To Be God? My God is Better

in #christianity5 years ago (edited)

Have you ever thought of something and within moments, there is an ad for that thing on your Facebook feed? Even without speaking it out loud, even without saying the name of that thing you thought of, a picture of it flashes by a feed somewhere online.

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Am I the only one noticing this happening? In the beginning, I would joke and say things out loud in front of my laptop, words like Queen Size Comforters, just to test and see how long it would take for a JC Penny ad to fly past my screen. I thought it strange but eventually settled on the idea that these computers are picking up cue words, like an Alexa or Siri would, and secretly searching for us, without us asking. Creepy, yet innovative. Yet, Creepier, still.

Why is it creepy to me? Well, simply put: It feels alot like some human somewhere designing some program or implementing some program or financing some program or utilizing some program ... that is essentially trying to be God.

Plain and simple. They crossed that line.

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See, that is the behavior of my God. My personal, Holy Savior, my Comforter, My One True Holy Creator ... he reads my mind and puts blessings in my path. Google gives me ads, God gives me answered prayers.

And, often, like with Google, I wonder, How did He know?

Seriously, I do wonder, for just a split second, and question, How, What, Why?

I stop and wonder when the good Lord blesses me with even the smallest most personal blessings, like a tire that doesn't go flat until I pull in my parking lot. Or, when He brings that knock on the door dropping off a care package when we are at our lowest point. Or, when that friend offers a hug when needed most.

Or, as happened to me yesterday, when a friend blesses you with a gift that gets you through the next hard spot. A miracle, asked for only in prayers. For just a second, I wondered, How did they know? And, then, as I drive home, with tears streaming down my face, holding in my fingers an envelope offering a blessing, I looked up to the beautiful blue morning sky and remember,

"If ye abide in me, and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you" John 15:7.

He hears our prayers and He answers our prayers. Any way He can, he gets it done. Yesterday, He moved a friend to a blessing that answered my personal, unspoken prayer.

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And, folks wonder why I believe in miracles.

God. #BetterThanGoogle

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