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Happy Sunday, beloved. Hope you had a good Sunday. Tomorrow is a day we always wish it never come. But it will always come.

Yesterday, I made a post on expository teaching made by my senior pastor, Pastor Kingsley, on El Bethel Fellowship.
The teaching was anchored on saint Paul's first letter to the Thessalonians, chapter 1 verse 5. Paul, in this letter referred the gospel of Jesus as "Our Gospel". And the preacher advised we should equally do the same by yielding our life entirely to the gospel.

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Today, the preacher continued by reading from Like 8 verses 5 to 15.

This scripture narrates the Parable of a Sower told by Jesus. As the sower scatter the seeds, some fell on the road, some on the rocks, some on the thorns, while others on the fertile ground.

Those on the road were picked by the birds of the air. Those on rocks germinated but died immediately because they lacked moisture. Those in thorns were chocked up by thorns, but those on the fertile soil germinated and bore fruits into hundred folds.

The preacher put side by side this parable and Paul's statement in 1st Thessalonians 1:5 where Paul said that the message they brought to them did not only meet them in word, but also in power, Holy Spirit, and much assurance...

Many receive the gospel of Christ in word only, and they are likened to the wayside in Like 8: 6
It does not stay long in their heart, the devil takes them away so that they don't germinate and bear fruit.

Many others also receive the gospel in word and power, and they are like to those seeds that fell on the rocky areas and amongst thorns. They germinated but could not go far due to lack of moiture and cares of this world.

On the other hand, very few receive the gospel of Christ in word, power, and Holy Ghost. These persons could be likened to the seeds that fell on the fertile ground, germinated, and bear fruit. They produce hundreds of fruits.

The last group received the gospel not only in word, but also in power, Holy Ghost, and much assurance. The preacher likened them to Daniel, the three Hebrew boys, and many others who put their lives in line for the sake of Christ. They did not care about what happened to their body because there were much assurance.

Christians should as a matter fact learn to exercise complete faith and trust in God

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