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If you really want to succeed in life DON'T leave your comfort zone...Here's why

You've heard it said many times, and I too have believed, that we need to leave our comfort zones in order to be a success.

That belief kind of expired on 1st Of May 2018..

I was, together with over 10000 youths, at the SHIFT Lagos 2018 and Fela Durotoye was one of the speakers to grace the platform. Amidst the many notable things he said, he mentioned something along the line of never leaving one's comfort zone.

Speaking and hollering from a depth of passion he said, "You don't have to leave your comfort zone to succeed. In fact, you have to find it, stay there and be the best you can be there...."

My ears drums were vibrating now. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. My mind was trying to wrap itself around this new concept...

He hit the nail on the head when he asked,

"What is the comfort zone of the fish?" Water, we all chorused.

"What is the comfort zone of the bird?" Air, we all chorused.

I had a mind shift in that moment.

My comfort zone is not where I'm lazy, weak, or most ineffective. It is actually the place where I can find the most expression.

Does this mean there is no challenge in our comfort zone?

Not at all. There are plenty of them.

Think of the fish. Fishes are eaten by larger fishes. They have to run and work everyday to ensure they don't get eaten. They strive to stay long enough to birth more children to succeed them.

So you see, don't be quick to jump out of something that you were born to do for something that you feel you should be doing.

Many people's place of greatest fulfillment is within a normal job where they can grow and lead change in the organization. But because they want to leave their "comfort zone" they dive into business and end up being part of the statistic of businesses that fail within their first five years of existence.

What should we do instead?

Once you've found your comfort zone (your air, or your water), don't play small.
Strive to rise to the top of the food chain. Don't be eaten.

If you are in the water, don't be the Tilapia or the Star fish. Be the White Shark or the Blue Whale.

If you are in the air, don't be the neighborhood bird that wakes people up in the morning, be the Eagle that soars sky high and sees farther than others.

Your comfort zone is the place of your assignment. It is the place where you find the greatest expression. It is the place where you find your greatest fulfillment.

Don't look for problems you were not wired to solve.

Look for your own problems and solve them.

I hope this inspires someone.

Share your thoughts.

Wishing everyone
Happy Sunday guys!!

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