I will follow you till the end

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Bible Text: Act 9:1-7
Now there stood by the cross of Jesus his mother, and his mother's sister, Mary the
wife of Cleophas, and Mary Magdalene.When Jesus therefore saw his mother, and
the disciple standing by, whom he loved, he saith unto his mother,Woman, behold
thy son! And from that hour that disciple took her into his own home.



In Luke 22, Peter denied Jesus three times even though Jesus had forewarned him.
Jesus went further to inform him that HE had already prayed for him and that when he is
converted, he should strengthen his brethren. This was a clear indication that even the
other disciples were also going to abandon Jesus or fall by the way side. I believe the
reason why Satan was able to make Peter deny Jesus three times was because he
followed Jesus afar off as explained in prayer 17 of volume 17. It is therefore important to
highlight the fact that from the time Jesus was arrested to the time he was crucified, the
only other disciple that was mentioned and who also made it to the cross was John. This
is quite alarming as you would have expected all the disciples to be at the cross with him
as a show of loyalty, but only John was there. It is also important to highlight that loyalty
can only be tested when a leader is going through a bad patch or a season of difficulty,
when he or she is no longer relevant, as you find that most people will abandon you when
you are going through a rough patch. This is why if anyone comes into a leadership or
prominent position, there will be a need to ask God to open their eyes to know the genuine
friends and also the pretenders around them. This is exactly what happened to the
disciples whom for the fear of their lives being in danger and of being arrested and
possibly killed, went into hiding.But if John could risk his life, it means that others did not
have any excuse for not being there at the cross. In Luke 9:23, Jesus states that if any
man will come after him, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily and follow him.A
correlation can be drawn from our text and Luke 9:23, because apart from the fact that it
was only John who was there when Jesus was crucified, on the way to Golgotha Jesus
needed some assistance to carry the cross but none of his disciples were there to assist
him, but Simon a passerby was forced to help him carry the cross. It must be pointed out
that it was convenient for the disciples to avoid carrying their cross to follow Jesus to the
place of crucifixion just as it is in this present day, where it is convenient for people to live a
life void of consistent fasting, prayers and study of God's word.As stated in Luke 9:23, we
must carry our cross daily, killing our flesh through a disciplined regimented lifestyle of
fasting, prayer and the study of God's word. We therefore need to ask God for the grace to
carry “our own cross”and not ease into a life of convenience.


Father I ask for the grace to carry my cross daily. I deliver myself from the life of
convenience and laziness in Jesus name. I ask for the grace to study your Word daily, the
grace to pray daily and the grace to fast regularly in Jesus name. I ask for the grace to
continuously mortify my flesh through a disciplined regimented lifestyle of fasting, prayer
and the study of God's word.


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