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Memory Verse: Proverb 3:9 “Honor the Lord with thy substance, and will
the first fruits of all thine increased” Lesson Aim: To let the people know that all we have is given by God and we
should be ready to give the best part back to Him.
Central Truth: God owns everything you have


Giving the first of what we have to our Creator is a tangible way of expressing our trust in Him to meet all our needs. it we take the first and best for ourselves and leave to God only what is left over, we are at least saying that we are not sure whether the Lord can meet our needs. First fruits offering is one of the commandment of God to all His children. It is the first produce of crops/salary you got from your harvest and work place Exodus 23:19. it it is a salary, you honour God by giving Him your first salary. If it is a crop, you will come to God with the first produce harvest from your farm. And its blessed to pay first fruit to God Almighty.

Study Guide:
Important things to know about first fruits offering

  • It must be taken to God's house (Exodus 23:19;34:26).

  • It must be delivered to the Priest also known as today's Pastor. (Numbers 18:42).

  • It shall apply '[0 all a man engages in for livelihood. (Deuteronomy18:4)

  • The giving of first fruit offering must be accompanied with worship (Deuteronomy 26: 10). It must be offered once and during each cycle of harvest, which was yearly in biblical time (Nehemiah 10:35). It must however be noted that in situations of multiple planting seasons within one year, first fruit offering becomes due after each harvest exercise


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