The true story of St. Patrick, the Baptist

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As today’s is St. Patrick’s Day, I put together a few Baptist sources for the life of Patrick, Apostle to the Irish. Though he has been claimed as a Catholic missionary sent by the Pope, I do think the evidence is against this.

A very short article on St. Patrick can be found in William Cathcart’s The Baptist Encyclopædia, Vol. 2 (1881) under “Patrick, Saint, the Apostle of Ireland”:


A longer, but still short source is the tract Rev. John Summerfield Wimbish, D.D., St. Patrick Was a Baptist (New York: Calvary Radio Ministry, 1952).

Finally, there are two books:

William Cathcart, D.D., The Ancient British and Irish Churches: Including the Life and Labors of St. Patrick (Philadelphia: American Baptist Publication Society, 1894)

Rev. Dr. William Craig Brownlee & Rev. Alexander King, Saint Patrick and the Western Apostolic Churches... (New York: American and Foreign Christian Union, 1857)

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