How do you change your profile picture?

in #christianity3 years ago (edited)

I've tried everything...can't seem to be able to change the profile picture. The cover photo is changing but it'll zoom in 1000% with no ability to adjust it so I am yet to find a good picture that'll work for that.

Any ideas?


Hello @benjamin-mercer

your post isn't considered fit to be addressed as article and will suggest you put up something of much cogent paragraph next time you use the SC tags.

Thanks you

Hello @steemcourt


When I first put up my profile picture and cover photo I read that I had to first upload the photos--make a post--and then use those photos to use as my display picture and cover photo.

I know...seems totally ridiculous...thats what I said.

Anyways--I tried to do this again but it hasn't worked. And I don't know how to delete the post. I've searched everywhere on how to do it.

Sorry lol all I was trying to do is change my picture and there seems to be no way to do it. Or else things that work for others seem to not be working for me or something..

If you know how to delete posts, please delete this one for me.

I just edited the original picture with the two pictures I uploaded with this question.