Taking scripture out of context

in #christianity4 years ago

So many people take scripture out of context. It's like this example:

A man leaves a note for his wife along with some money. It says, "Take this $100 and buy groceries." His teenager comes in. Sees where it says, "Take this $100..." so he does. What parent would find that acceptable? Yet people do that everyday with God's word. They give no thought whatsoever to taking Bible verses out of context and corrupting their meaning. They never ask these questions:

Who was the Bible verse written to?
What are the surrounding verses?
What's in the previous chapter?
Does this apply today?

No, they just pluck the verse out of context and use it as the see fit. When they do that they're really showing disrespect for God's word. And when they do that they show disrespect to God.


Unfortunately, I think that everyone pulls things out of context, whether intentional or not. I doubt if anyone besides The Author really understands it all 100% accurately.

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So true.

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