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RE: Christopher Hitchens's ten commandments

in #christianity4 years ago

Hitchens was just another atheist fool. He hates a God that he claims doesn't exist. If God is like the tooth fairy and Santa Claus why does he hate God? He doesn't hate the tooth fairy and Santa Claus does he? Why does he have such contempt for Christians? He's obviously lying. He obviously hates God so he claims that he doesn't exist.

The only good thing about Hitchens is that he is so contemptible and so obnoxious that he turns off potential atheists.

It's too bad we can't see him in hell so we can ask him if he believes in God yet.


But what about his ten commandments? Do you think they are not better than those in the bible?

And would you really like to see him get horribly tormented for ever in hell? Would you like to watch as demons skin him alive and roll him in salt or something awful like that?

I am hearing from what you are saying is that Christopher merely mocks religion without being able to establish a religion better than, or alternative to Christianity. Am I getting you right @barncat?

Do you @barncat or @rampelflik think that the commandments in the video can give ground to a thriving religion? If so, what is anybody doing to found it?

He would turn in his grave if his talking points were turned into another religion! Religion is like a drug. Religion is a way to exert power of those foolish enough to believe its logical fallacies. Discard your faith for it is useless.

It makes no sense, then, to create new commandments, and then not to want them to be used to create a religion. Still, I am not able to disprove your claims, so you get an upvote.

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