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And unclean spirits,when they saw him,fell down before him, and cried, saying,Thou
art the Son of God.
Mark 3: 11


As soon as the unclean spirits saw Jesus, they fell down before Him. This is obviously a clear
case of unclean spirits acknowledging the superiority of our Lord Jesus. If we take one step
back, it is important to highlight that for the spirits to have acknowledged Jesus, they must
have first of all recognised him. This means that evil spirits are constantly surveying or
scanning people around their environment with the aim of picking out those who are threats
to them. On the flip side, this text teaches us that we also cannot afford to be careless. We
must constantly survey and scan our environment because it is not everyone that lives
around our space that is godly. This is why we cannot afford to assume that everyone around
us has good intentions towards us. There are people who are possessed with evil spirits and
we must always be sensitive to the Holy Spirit so that HE can reveal them to us. As we
develop this intimacy with the Holy Spirit, He will reveal deep secrets to us. We cannot limit
our relationship with the Holy Spirit to just going to church only on Sundays, but we must
develop an intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit daily. The Holy Spirit can help us in our
business by giving directions, helping us make the right decisions and revealing the heart of
men to us. This means that when people with satanic or evil agendas have been planted
around you, the HOLY SPIRIT can expose them to you. The bible says that Satan is like a
roaring lion always looking for whom to devour, and he carries out this agenda through his
agents who are human beings like you and I, some even planted in churches. I cannot
overemphasize the fact that we must develop an intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit
through the art of fasting, praying and spending time in God's word. This invariably also
increases the power of god that resides in us, so that we may be able to stand when evil comes


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