They shall hear and see the miracle in all you do

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Bible Verse: Acts. 8:5-6
Then Philip went down to the city of Samaria, and preached Christ unto them. And the
people with one accord gave heed unto those things which Philip spake, hearing and
seeing the miracles which he did.


After the church was scattered as a result of the great persecution that arose against her,
Phillip went to Samaria and preached Christ unto them.Whilst he preached, they gave heed
unto the things which he spoke, hearing and seeing the miracles he did.This means it was on
account of the miracles they heard and saw him do, that they gave heed to him. We can
assume that there may have been prior attempts to introduce different religions to the people
of Samaria without any success, because there was no evidence of miracles..This explains
the reason Simon the sorcerer was successful. By inference, in order to draw some people's
attention to Jesus, it will require the demonstration of God's power through the manifestation of miracles especially when these people are used to seeing certain signs and wonders
performed by sorcerers, as was the case in Samaria. A miracle can be defined as an
interruption of the natural by a supernatural influence; simply put, it is God manifesting his
power and glory in a way that surpasses understanding. It is important to point out that
miracles or the demonstration of God's power cannot be limited to the manifestation of
healing or deliverance, but can also manifest in our everyday lives: our businesses, jobs,
marriages and children. A case in point is when Peter walked on water. Are you currently
attempting to carry out a task that those around you are dissuading you from because others
who tried to do the same task in the past failed? It doesn't matter that the whole world has
failed before you showed up, your story can be different because with GOD all things are
possible! Have you set up a business in an environment or at a time where others have failed? Don't be moved. God will release HIS power over your life, making your business deliver
unexplainable superior results, drawing the attention of your contemporaries and those
around you, and creating a platform for the gospel of Jesus to be preached.


Father, I activate YOUR power over all the areas of my life and release the manifestation of
your miracles in my marriage, children, business, country and job. I declare that by your
power, my children shall be head and shoulders over their peers in Jesus name. I declare that
by your power, my business shall deliver superior results beyond the expectation of my
contemporaries, competitors, shareholders and directors in Jesus name. I declare that by
your power, I will outperform all my colleagues because I shall surpass all the impossible
targets that has been set for me in Jesus name.


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