Building a Godly Character

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TEXT: 2peter 3:9-14, Gal 5:22-26
AIM: To educate Christians on the need to put on Christ by exhibits Godly Character


Our God is a God of policy and character. He is what he is and all creatures in heaven and on earth honour him for his character. And no one can move with God without Godly characters. The type of person you are determined the type of fruit you bear. There is a need for Christians to reflect the image of God. For no relationship is kept without good character. "Can two walk together without agreeing?"


  1. What did you understand by Godly characters?
  2. Explain some path to Godly characters with the help of the following verses. Luke 19: 5-10, psalm 145:18, prov 15:10
  3. What are the attribute of godly characters? Luke 18:29, Act
    10:38, Luke 12:29-34, Heb 12:14.
  4. What are the benefits of godly characters? 2peter 3:11


To be Godly is to be Godly behaving. To be heavenly candidate is to be person of Godly character. Who then is a child thinking after Him (God)
FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Like begets like , if you are for God will behave as if you are of God
MEMORY VERSE: 2peter 3:11


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