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Like Ezekiel's dry bones
My dead and dry bones came back to life
Like Jesus rose from the dead
The flesh crushed and pressed down
Oh I don't mean the 'giving' anthem
But I cracked up and dried

Know yet not that you are the light of the world
Created,made to shine forth?
But it seems like the switch has been turned off due to our dead batteries or even plugged off the socket board

Onward ye Christian soldier,
Ye got to match to war
War with everything that seeks to insult your soul
And no, I don't mean crises in the Isis nation
But in the kingdom of darkness
Ye got the power,with the Red Cross saving despite your bleeding.

And ye Christian, ye have been given the authority
And don't go religional in pity singing
'born into sin' or in 'sin did my mother conceive me'
The blood has dealt with every iniquity such that
When Christ looks at you, all he sees is shiny gold!
Only one thing is needful as Jesus scolded Marty, and Mary has chosen that path

Oh Kingdomite! After all you've done to stand, stand.
Put on the full armour, wear it on like some scent
All over, even the intimate parts.
The devil got no power
The demons and host of hell can't and shouldn't dictate your identity
Know who you are!

Contend earnestly for the faith
Fight, wage war, declare
Tell'em it's pay back time.
God got back so fear nothing!!
Be fearless!!



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