Jesus and the Jew

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In the ministry of Jesus, He used different teaching methods in conveying His message. One of these was the usage of parables. A parable is a story which relates an event of life; the basic idea is to give a lesson.

In today's Gospel text (Mark 12:1-12), Jesus presents to us the parable of the wicked tenants. Clearly, the owner of the vineyard is God; the tenants are the people of Israel; the servants are the Prophets, Priests, etc & the beloved Son is Jesus Christ.

About God, we see the folllwing:

  1. He is patient:
    This is seen in the numerous servants who were sent to the tenants. Even when they were maltreated, He still sent His servants to the tenants. This is still the same way that God deals with us.

  2. He trusts:
    It is this trust of God which made Him to lease His vineyard to these tenants. He had absolute trust in them, lest He would not have given it out in the first place.

  3. He is generous:
    This generosity of God is seen in the fact of God equipping the vineyard so the tenants would not be need. He virtually provided everything for their comfort.

About Jesus, we see the following:

  1. Jesus even though He is God, regards Himself as a Beloved Son & not as a servant. This is seen in the last resort of the owner of the vineyard (God) who @ last sent His Beloved Son (Jesus).

  2. It tells us of Jesus' death:
    The cross did not come to Jesus as a surprise. As Son, He knew what He would go through; that death will not be the end, but He triumph over death.

About our ownselves, let us reflect on the following:

  1. What is our reaction to the message of God?

  2. Do we despise God's message or we embrace it with joy?

  3. Are you a good or wicked tenant?

As people who have the received the Promise of the Father (Holy Spirit), we are exhorted to be receptive to the Word of God.


I found your title "Jesus and the Jew" to be somewhat misleading, as the Jews aren't mentioned at all in your article except in the title.

Almost everyone Jesus talked to was Jewish. Jesus was Jewish. So were all of his disciples.

I just give the title .but I just wrote my post as I know about Jesus

Well to my mind none of these replies actually address the discrepancy
I just wanted to make you aware of it as I assumed it was a mistake.
but I really don't care to discuss it any further if you don't mind.

Your title realy impres me and jesus <3

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