Tribute to my amazing husband Mr. Coolbowser!!! ❤️🙏🏻


To the most amazing husband a woman could pray for!! God really delivered the goods and so much more!! I love you babe!!! Your my best friend, encourager, grown kid, strong man of God, and iron sharpening me always!
Thanks for everything your truly the epitome of excellence!!! ❤️😘


Yo babe! I’m amazing cause you’re standing next to me!🤗. I lava you to the moon and back...and to the moon and back again! And then again! And one more time after that! 😁 and I don’t know anything about this epitome stuff. Please don’t use those big college words with me.🤔

: )

: o



@thejoyofthelord wow nice letter Godbless u hope u can visit mine :) @jacoblayan

This is very nice and make my sentimental heart warm. I do an almost daily love and marriage blog. Also following you now @thejoyofthelord!