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For so many years I've avoided church of any kind. I don't really want to get in to all the reasons why, this is not that type of posting. Let's just say it seemed like every time I did go to a given church it just felt like something was missing, something lacking, either I was pit out withthe ritualism, or the message being preached was dead on arrival.

Then I found this place.
For once in my life I think I found a church home. Every time I leave I feel a bit more educated, a bit more warmth, a bit more loved.

So. If you ever find yourself in Corpus Christi Texas on a Sunday or a Wednesday night and feel the need for a spiritual recharge or just want to hang around genuine loving people loving God then stop by Solid Rock Church at 3035 Ayers St.

Stop by their website:
for further information or to listen to a sermon or two. Anyways, my body is tired and I'm off to sleep. Goodnight and God bless you.


Awesome shot of the church! It gives off the vibe that it's a place that focuses more on the congregation instead of the building - and I mean that in the best way possible. Happy to hear you've found a place that speaks to your soul, and hope you got some good rest.

Much love to you and yours. Thank you for being such an awesome friend

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Wow, this is great. I think I will also talk about my church another time. God bless you.

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Can't wait to read about your experience

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