Luke 9:23-24

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The most profitable life is a life spend for Jesus...

Ravi Zacharias tells the story of Robert Jaffray of Canada. He came from a wealthy family and in fact was heir to a large newspaper fortune in Toronto. When he was a young man, he learned the Chinese language and was offered a large salary by Standard Oil of New York if he would forego his missionary career and work for them. He refused, so they doubled their salary offer.  He refused again.They cabled him with this message: “Robert Jaffray. At any cost.”He cabled back, “Your salary is big. Your job is too small.”He spent 35 years as a missionary in China and helped translate the Bible into Cantonese. When World War II broke out, he and other missionaries were placed in an internment camp. He died there two weeks before the end of the war. 

It's all because of a man named Robert Jaffray who live a selfless life for Jesus--the gospel of salvation brought eternal hope for the people of china. 

If we dedicate ourselves in serving Jesus, the road ahead may not be comfortable and easy, but surely we will not miss the joy of making our life worth living. 

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