Lord send provision

in christian-trail •  4 months ago

A blessed day to all my believers in the Lord Jesus. Today is a very devastating day for us as we are hit by by two heavy storm in just 2 weeks. The flood waters wash away our valued belongings. Flood is as high as 5 feet. My family and I are now tranaferred in the small room of the 2nd floor of small church. Friends and dear brothers and sisters in the Lord can I knock the door of you heart and ask you to lend us any help that you can extend. As I am not the only one who suffered here, also our other fellow christians in our town. At the window of the church's second floor, I took a picture of the flood. In front of the church.



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A great flood, very strong.
In what place are they?


Philippines. Please include us in your prayers. Need strength.


From this moment, I pray to God, so that all problems will be solved soon.
Fortitude and faith brother.

Halla grabe pala diyan sa inyo.

where this ?

Grabe ng baha. Sending prayers po sa inyo.

Thanks for all the comments. Water subsided now. I went back to our house early morning today, there is still flooding in the street and in our garage. IMG_20180718_101715.jpg