Do the right thing and get rid of stress.

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There is no peace for the wicked, said Jehovah.
Isaiah 48:22. R.V.-1960

Sin causes worry and stress in the human body and deprives us of peace. It is curious to see how the nervous system of a person subjected to a lie detector reacts. In fact, the device can not determine whether a person is lying or not. It simply measures how response to certain questions affects your nervous system. God designed our body so that He would be glorified when we live in a holy and godly way.


When we sin, the stress that causes causes negative effects throughout our body. Although you have never been subjected to the lie detector, surely you will agree that a lie is accompanied by an acceleration of the heart rate.

There is a way that seems right to man, but its end is the way of death
Pr: 16: 25 R.V-1960

Death is the definitive separation. Put in between your convictions will bring stress and you away from the peace that comes from doing the right thing. and in this regard, having a strong spiritual foundation plays a crucial role. It allows our convictions to guide our behavior and our decisions requires faith and courage.


When Daniel, and the Hebrew prisoner who had prospered in Babylon, continued to pray to God in opposition to the king's decree, he faced the risk and reality of being cast into a lion's den. Such was the value he gave to prayer that he was willing to pay the price for continuing to make it an integral part of his life. God honored their faith and covered the mouths of lions. The king, realizing that he had been deceived to sign the decree, ordered that Daniel's enemies be destroyed. Daniel enjoyed a long and distinguished career DN. 6


You can eliminate much of the stress in your work if you give God the reins of your life.


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