Your word will never fail me

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Last week I was in a deep place of stress and worried over so many things. I felt like I was running out of my mind. I could hardly think with stress from the workload from school, work and some other issues. As I sat down deep in my thoughts and thinking upon my problems, I remembered this song by Hilsong titled Your word. It says his word will never fail me and the lyrics of the whole song reminded me of his word over my life.

I remembered the word he gave me at the beginning of the year and realized the devil had put me in a place where I was focusing more on my problems instead of God. Like Peter, the waves of the sea was getting to me and took my attention off the master. I was glad this song reminded me of his word over my life and the assurance it gave me changed my whole state at that time. I was really in a bad place and even had to search youtube for videos of motivation because I really needed motivation.

Nobody could see what I was going through and I was really feeling so bad. I really needed to talk to somebody but just couldn't really decide who because nobody seemed able to help me. It was beyond the words of man and I needed something more. Thank God the master of my soul and life intervened and drew my attention back to him. Right now, I am more motivated than ever to keep going every day because more than ever I am more confident of he who is for me and is in me. If he be for me, who can be against me?

In life, hard times will really come and we might be overwhelmed. The World around us will not seem to see it no matter how loud you say it. They will not be able to notice it even when the signs are very clear. We live in a World where everyone is busy with their business and hardly take out time to look on the matters of others. That's why so many people out there will resort to taking their own lives because there is no one to listen to them. They need just someone to talk to but who will listen?

Well, it is sad because while we go about looking for someone to share our issues with, we become blind to notice Jesus Christ right there always with you and wanting to help you with the burden. So many people have even questioned his word in their lives because things seem to go in the opposite direction to what he said. I must tell you, where God's word is, Satan and his host are also there to make sure it does not come to pass. But we know better for what the great one has said will always come to pass. Be encouraged and motivated to always look up to him even in the storm and know that his word will always come to pass.


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Good evening dear brother, today I shared with a friend that problems will always come, it is part of life, it is normal, what should not be normal is to let ourselves down because that is as if we had denied the faith, yet Christ takes away the charges and through his word speaks to us clearly.

God bless you and strengthen you.

Thanks brother..

You're welcome dear brother, we are here to serve, a hug to the whole family.