Walking by faith and not by sight


Greetings from you all from this end. It's been a while since I lastly took out time to make a proper post here. I have been going through a tight time that I barely get the chance to do so many things. Life is proving a little tough and sometimes, when I look at the physical, success seems so far and achieving my goals almost an impossibility. But then, every time such thoughts comes to mind, his word comes in different ways to encourage me and keep me going.

I know the promises of God for my life and the things he has shown me. But sometimes, the waves of lives are so great that one might be moved to even doubt God's word. Such thoughts only come to mind when you now start to see things at the level of the physical. You begin to look at things in the way of the World and what the World has defined things to go. The good news is, as a child of God, we are called to walk by faith and not by sight. Hold on to the promises of God no matter how things may seem.

God expects us to trust him even when it seems like what he has promised is impossible. Sarah or Abraham did not believe it at first when he said they will be the mother and Father of nations, nobody believed David could slay Goliath, Joseph's family did not believe he could rule over them etc. The list goes on and on but in all these cases, one thing stands out and is common in all cases. God's word no matter how impossible it seemed to the human eyes was fulfilled all the same. He is not a man that he should lie and if he has said it, he will surely do it.

All he expects us to do is to stick with his words and live by it. That is all he requires of us and his promises in our lives will surely be fulfilled. This is what keeps me going every day and I believe God is taking me through the process. Just like there is a path that leads to eternal life, there is a process that leads to ultimate success. If you doubt this, ask any successful man out there? They will tell you it was not easy in the beginnings. They went through some tough times to get there. We must keep on going and believing God that his word will surely come to pass.


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