I was reading a book this morning titled the Secret of a prayer warrior by Derek Prince , and as I was reading through I stumbled in a particular chapter where he was talking about the statement made by Paul about the importance of praying for our nation(s).

There Paul said that before we pray for the ministers, prophets, Bishops, sick ones and the needy, that we should pray for our nation first.

Its important we understand this clearly, Nation is like human body, human body comprises of both nose, eyes, ears, mouth, etc. Now if any part of this body is in pain, it must surely affect the whole body, and when that pain is relieved, the whole body becomes in order.

For a body to function effectively, the whole part needs to be in order. This is a good example of a nation. Why Paul recognises the importance of praying for the nation first is because, every affairs of man here on earth depend so much on the state of the nation to act. Its very easy to pilot the affairs of God here on earth if the state of nation is in order, the gospel of Christ can be stretched to a wider range and souls of men that are perishing will be won for Christ if the state of nation is in order.

Paul said that we should pray for our nation, he understood the importance. The Bible said that we are the Royal priesthood, and what does that mean, it means that as Christians,we direct how things operate here on earth, its our function to determine the state of our nation. You don't need to be the president, king or Queen of a country here on earth, the Bible said that you're a Royal priesthood, we represent God's kingdom.

I was reading through a friend WhatsApp status today and this young man was busy painting his country black, that his country is the poorest, that it was said somewhere that any country that her citizens are living below $1.90, that the country is poor. Government has failed him and so on. I was angry not because of what he wrote but because of where its coming from, it baffles me when I see Christians lamenting with unbelievers that their nation has failed them, what a shame? And bible said that any man who criticised the Government of his nation, is a failure in his own quarter. Your nation can only fail you when you have failed yourself. Jesus has given us guidelines on how to pray "Our Father who at in Heaven, Hallowed be your name. Your kingdom come, your will be done here on earth as its on heaven". What do you make out of this prayer guideline, until His kingdom comes and His will done, your country will continue to fail you.

You can't stay in your comfort zone and expect everything to be fine, His kingdom cannot come if we are not ready to pray.

Someone will say that America is the best, UK is the best, am sorry to say this without no reservation, " No Country is The Best" UK, America has their own problems so as Nigeria. I have no reason to condemn my country, if my country has failed me its means that I have failed myself in my own quarter.

I pray that God help us to pray without getting tired for His Kingdom to come and His will be done in Jesus name, Amen.

Thanks for reading and remain blessed!

Still your friend;

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