NATURE ...VET-MOUNTAIN....Mission For Restoration Of Dignity Of Man

Winning the souls of men for Christ is our mission and movement because Bible says that he who winneth a soul for Christ is wise .

Briefly, today is university of Nigeria post-utme screening exam and as a Christian movement, we normally organize what we called post-utme rush. It is just a means of winning the souls of prospective young fresher for God.

We intend to connect them to God at earlier stage, so that they wouldn't be carried away by the forces of the University environment when they final gain admission.


It was a whole lot of stressful day, going around talking to thousands of students but the Lord is our strength, there is always joy doing His work. We bless God for everything and everyone that came for this mission

At the end we decided to have a trip to a particular popular mountain known as VET-MOUNTAIN, its called VET-MOUNTAIN because its very close to Faculty of Veterinary Medicine University of Nigeria, Nsukka


We start the adventure from there, as you can see that's the foot of the mountain, its very high and I hate heights, lols! It was tough for me climbing mountain for a very long time


Finally we are at the top, you can see that men are not smiling, it was a tough journey, thank God we finally arrived to the top. Its actually an awesome place to visit, you can give it a try


We are complete in our numbers here,you can see smiles in our faces now. They joy of the Lord is always our strength, there is nothing we can do on our own. Thank God for His mercies upon us

The End

Thanks for reading




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Great post! My one goal also is to win souls for Christ.

The natural background is really cool

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