He Knows the Way... He is the Way

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"Corper, where?" the Okadaman asked

"Obukpa," I reply.

"Where in Obukpa?"

"Owerre Obukpa"

"Okay... Around that market?"

"No. You will go inside"

"I will go inside," he repeats, more to himself. "Left or right?" he asks

"Right. At that Amokwe junction," I reply.

"Okay. At the Amokwe junction, I go inside. Down down?"

"You will go left again," I reply avoiding the question. "I'm going to Umuezike," I explain.

"Oh, Umuezike? You will tell me where you are going na! I know Umuezike."

"So how much?"

We argue and settle on the fare, then on the journey, another discussion ensued.

"Why don't you take Ejuona to Umuezike? Why must you go through asha* owerre?" he asks.

"I don't know, but I think the road is too bumpy."

"I understand, but it's faster than through asha owerre. You can also take through the school."

"I know, but they won't allow you go through the school gate abi?" I ask.

"Don't worry, I know how to do it. We'll go together."

I relax and let him lead. At a point I felt lost and reminded myself to be patient, soon we were in the school premises and I began to recognize places. We got to my house in shorter time, and little bumps.

What crossed my mind was how good it was to follow someone who knows where you are going.

God knows where we are going. He knows where we want to go. He knows different routes that will lead us there, we just have to trust Him and let Him lead.

Sometimes you refuse alternate paths because you are certain it will be really bumpy, but God is a God of surprises, He has other paths, but if He decides to lead you through the path you fear, He will drive you safely home.

The village where I live can be hard to describe, but because the bikeman knew where I was going, I learnt a new route and saved my time.

God knows where we are going.


This was written two years ago when I served my country. I served in a village in Enugu state and I have many lessons learnt. The above written is one of them.

*asha is ahia (market) in the dialect there.

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@djoi... Though I'm new here, but i must confess, i find your articles really nice. Always inspiring.. You are one of the few people i took time out to read through their post(not all though) and i must tell you, it was worth it..
Keep the spirit up..
Djoi writes, dont stop writing..

Thank you @davoy

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