Hi Steemians,happy Sunday to you all. I trust today to have been amazing. Today, I'll be sharing with you some thoughts inspired by the Spirit of God and he wants you to know this.

Mark 10:27....God is capable of doing all things and anything,however God cannot do anything pertaining your life independent of you. You have a major role to play in the fulfillment of God's desire or agenda for your life.
Jer 29:11.... A lot of times we tend to ask this question "if God is good,why does he allow evil to befall people,especially good and saintly people".... Dear,you are asking the wrong question, what you should be asking is " Did God allow this evil befall people?" I'll like you to understand that God has no control over the dealings in the earth, he had handed the earth over to the sons of men and princes of this world. Mans experiences are products of his doings, God has no hand in it. The aforementioned scripture let us know that God's thoughts and plans for us are great and good ones to give us a future and hope(expected end).However, Gods plans can't be reality without your involvement. I'll like you to understand that your life is sunk without God and God's plans for you are sunk without you!
The question we should be asking is "What does God want?" in order to fulfill his plans for your life.

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  • God wants your heart

This does not refer to your organ that pumps blood to the body,rather what this refer to is your attention, God requires your attention! It took God 40 years to get Moses attention, without this he wouldn't have been able to fulfill his destiny. Give your attention to God now, he calls to you now,seek me in the days of thy youth ,he says! Without your attention he can do nothing.
Prov 4:20. Paying attention is a conscious effort, God has spoken ,he has said it all,tune in and pay attention to his words. God is not the one who should listen to us,so stop complaining, stop crying,stop lamenting, stop! Shut up and listen!
Prov 5:1.... There's a way God sees that situation you are experiencing ,listen closely and you will catch wisdom, remembers it is His plan, remembers His words are wisdom, so listen in! God wants your attention!

  • God wants your Presence.

This refers to your availability and involvement. Most times,we are more concerned about the availability of God's presence but God is saying "I need your presence!" . When you make yourself available to him,he can influence and affect your life. Give God your time(Presence) by your participation in the activities in His house. Another form you can give your presence to him is by spending time with him in fellowship. I don't mean a prayer session where your begging him to touch your life or do something for you,No! I mean fellowship, a communion of your spirit and his, a lot of time we misdefine prayer or fellowship, I'll talk about IIT some other time.
God is saying give me some time out of 24 hours of your day!

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  • God wants your Love

God desires your Love, where there is love,there are no rules. Nothing means anything to you when you are in love. You would go any length to give,show and prove love to the one you love.If you Love God,whatever length you go with him or for him,wouldn't mean anything to you. You would do anything and everything!
2Kings 23:25....this is God's testimony of someone who did all things right according to the law but it was not out of Love,that's why despite all his doing he wasn't referred to as a man after God's heart! King David was an epitome of true love for God,he was willing to go out of his way to do anything for God.
1Cor 13:3. Your Love for God goes beyond doing good and as you are told,rather your Love is shown to God when you go out of your way for him. When there is love,there is no restraint on giving.
God is not impressed by your perfection, he seeks genuine Love!

God bless you all,Keep Steeming!


Odin wants Wisdom
Thor wants to kill some trolls and giants
Freya wants to find her lost husband
And all our Gods in Asgard want to be ready to fight at Ragnarök !

True talk, a relationship with God is the best relationship we can ever have.
Happy sunday @conquerorsampson

So good to hear from you,dear. I can see you have much progress,am proud of ya

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