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Greetings steemchurch
I’ve come with a message meant to inspire and give hope. There are some times in your life when you go through trials and temptations .You’ve prayed, fasted, studied his word, done all you could think of as a believers but.....nothing changed. What do you do when you find yourself in such situation? Do you cry out in fear thinking that God has abandoned you or do you keep praising and thanking God because you believe he is always with you just as he said in his word repeatedly i will never leave you nor forsake you

The bible says in Isaiah 8:17 i will wait for the lord who has turned away from the descendants of Jacob. I will put my hope in him
God wants the totality of our trust in him, in good time and in bad. He desires our worship in happiness and in pain. Through all the time you think God is far, he is just testing you to so u can mature in your relationship with him. According to james 1:3 for you know that when your faith is tested. Your endurance has a chance to grow.

Let’s say you have a close relationship that suddenly becomes long distance. Do you give up or do you work harder to make sure distance does not ruin the relationship? This is what God expects from us, not to be too comfortable with our present state with him but to always strive to improve our relationship with him. He is basically building our FAITH because without faith it is impossible to please him.

Most times, we attribute our feeling of abandonment to sin. God does not abandon you because you sinned. Remember he loved you even before you were saved, that’s why he sent Jesus to die for you. Whenever God feel distant just know he is trying to build your faith. God is omnipresent, so he is always around whether you feel him on not.

What do you do when you feel or think God is far
Tell him how you feel Be completely honest with your feelings; your fear, pains, grief and all. Trust in him that he can handle whatever you are going through. David did it and job also did it.

Rely on the integrity of God’s word Whatsoever he says, he will do. If he has promised that he won’t leave you, then he won’t leave you. Never doubt his promises; he loves you, cares for you and understands what you are going through. The book of Jeremiah 29;11 For i know the thoughts i have for you, thoughts of good and not of evil, to give a future and an expected end

Count your blessings When you think God has forsaken you, look back and remember all that he has done for you. You will see that there was never a time he left you alone. So give thanks and worship him despite your circumstances because this is the truest form of worship.

Remain blessed always!

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